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Self-Directed Home Care

Case Managers

Self-Directed Home Care for Case Managers


Whether you are a case manager, care coordinator, support broker, counselor, or service coordinator you have one thing in common...

Your passion for helping your clients maintain their independence, health, and safety. But sometimes home care agencies and day options aren’t flexible enough for your members who want more choice and control over their services and supports and their individual providers.

Public Partnerships| PPL works with you and your Medicaid clients wanting to self-direct their services, and supports and remain in their homes.

Self-Directed Home Care Expert Erika Colon – Care Coordinator

Did you know?

As Medicaid laws in most states can prohibit direct cash payments to individual self-directing program participants or their representatives, states or Managed Care Organizations (MCO), appoint a Financial Management Services (FMS) provider company to assist individuals and their families.

What we do

When you recommend, and your clients choose self-direction, we provide financial services and tools that help participants manage their budget and pay their workers.

We partner with you to help clients understand how self-direction works, guide them through the enrollment process, show them how to manage their budgets and timesheets, and troubleshoot any issues that come up.

Our enrollment specialists, support brokers, and customer service team are by your side every step of the journey so that self-direction works well for your client and isn’t extra work for you.


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Self-Directed Home Care Expert Erika Colon – Care Coordinator (Spanish)
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