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This is a complete reimagination
of self-directed home care tools
and capabilities.

Introducing MyAccount

Within a self-directed program, there is information and documentation that participants and care/support workers need to provide or monitor. PPL is now offering MyAccount to simplify that experience.

Our new tool is an easy-to-use website that makes changing information like mailing addresses or passwords, monitoring budgets, getting pay stubs, and managing referrals straightforward and fast.


  • Speeds up participant and care/support worker enrollment by making the process more transparent
  • Allows for easier management of self-direction personal information and program documentation, available 24/7 when it is convenient for them
  • Enables the ability to identify and resolve issues quickly

MyAccount was purposely designed around PPL’s decades of experience supporting Case Managers, Participants or their Authorized Representatives, and their Support Workers.

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Is MyAccount available to me?

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MyAccount Support Documents

Multi-Role - Do you need to act in more than one role in your program? For example, being a participant receiving services and also being an authorized representative for another participant? You can register for both roles with separate email addresses! Check out our collateral piece for more information! 

Multi-Role Enrollment Collateral 

Disassociation - With this feature, a participant/employer can 'disassociate' the relationship from a provider who is resigning or being dismissed online. With the same function, the provider can be 'restored' to work ready within 6 months or 're-hired' if more than 6 months! Our collateral pieces have more information, below. Providers you need information about submitting time after disassociation. 

Disassociation Collateral for Participants

Disassociation Collateral for Providers


Do you still have questions?

If you still have questions about the MyAccount system we are here to help.

Please send us your question using the button below and be sure to include your question at the bottom.

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