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About Us

What We Do


We support individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses and aging adults, eligible for public Medicaid assistance, to “self-direct” their own long-term home care.  They have chosen to remain independent in their homes and active within their communities.

This choice was made as an alternative to being admitted into restrictive long-term institutional care or using home-care agencies that offer them less choice and control over their support workers and services.


States and managed healthcare organizations are facing rising costs, administrative inefficiencies, and growing populations in need of long-term services and support.  We help them serve more of their eligible Medicaid residents and members requiring long-term care, better, ensuring the efficient use of taxpayer funds.

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How We Do It


As Medicaid law in most states prohibits direct cash payments to individual self-directing program participants or their representatives, states or Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) appoint a Financial Management Services (FMS) provider company to assist. 

Public Partnerships | PPL is the #1 choice of Financial Management Services provider for self-directing program participants, their families and workers based on programs covered, states and Managed Care Organizations served.

To see our latest coverage statistics visit our home page!

Hear about PPL's promise to our participants through the voices of our customer success team in this video short, "We are here for you".

Did you know?

Our assistance is strictly based on and tied to the program participant’s approved personalized state-allocated monthly budget.  

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Our Services

We offer the following services to self-directing program participants and their care/support workers:

  • On-boarding their chosen support workers – including performing required background checks
  • Filing employment related forms to federal and state tax authorities
  • Tracking workers time
  • Processing timesheets
  • Calculating employee benefits
  • Paying and withholding tax for support workers in a timely manner
  • Managing compliance issues such as withholding workers insurance costs
  • Payments for services from third party services on time – e.g. transportation providers, contractors making home modifications, club/activity membership subscriptions/dues
  • Tracking the assigned budget against spending for both the participant and state/managed care organizations, flagging and helping prevent overspends.

Your Needs Have Changed

So We Updated Our Services. Our Self-Directed Supported Programs & Service Models Have Evolved to Cover:

  • Aging adults and children with developmental disabilities
  • Adults and children with physical disabilities and chronic health problems
  • Adults at risk for nursing home or intermediate care facility placement
  • Adults with HIV/AIDS
  • Adults with traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries
  • Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and their families
  • Children with autism and their families

Our Experience

Public Partnerships Serves A Multitude of Self-Directed Programs

  • Medicaid waiver-funded Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) programs
  • State-funded participant directed programs
  • Administration for Community Living – No Wrong Door Initiative programs
  • Medicaid §1115 Medicaid demonstrations
  • Medicaid State Plan Services
  • Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services (VDHCBS) programs
  • Money Follows the Person programs
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS programs

Fiscal Intermediary Solutions for State and Local COVID-19 Relief Payments

In addition to being the largest fiscal intermediary for self-directed homecare services in the United States, PPL is increasingly being called upon to use our core competencies to further help the most vulnerable.

If you are a federal, state, or local government agency looking to distribute funds based on American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) or other stimulus bill requirements, click here to learn how PPL can help.

PPL's Leadership

Vince Coppola President and Chief Executive Officer
Maria Perrin Chief Growth Officer
Sherwin Krug Chief Financial Officer
Gwen Marvin Chief Technology Officer
Krystal Than Executive Vice President Human Resources
Deborah Drexler General Counsel
Sumit Murgai Executive Vice President, Engineering and Analytics
Sandy Kasprzak Vice President, Client Success
Orly Rabin Pantz Vice President, Finance / Controller
Lora Smith Vice President, Operations
Robert Murphy Vice President, Financial Operations
Lavanya Challa Vice President, Technology Product
Daniella Byrd Vice President, IT Business Integration
Tara Himmel Vice President, Marketing & Organic Growth
Mark Altieri Vice President, Business Development
Patty Byrnes Vice President, Government Relations

Where We're Located

Alpharetta, GA

Linwood, NJ

Albuquerque, NM

Little Rock, AR

Baltimore, MD

Milton, GA

Denver, CO

Parsippany, NJ



Wherever you are in your journey...

Our mission is always to "transform more lives by making self-direction easier for all."

We are determined to use our size, experience and growing capabilities to continually invest in our purpose to:

  • Transform more lives by making self-directed home care easier for ALL.

  • Easier includes the ability to discover and learn about self-directed home care.  Enrolling yourself and your workers.  Managing your care, support, providers and service vendors, each day, every day.

Ensuring you simply get on living and enjoying the self-directed life you have chosen for yourself, or your loved one. 

Interested in Self-Direction?

We have a team standing by and ready to help! Meet the PPL Concierge Team.

Our team’s purpose is to help explain what self-direction is and how it brings control to the hands of the person receiving care. We first listen to your individual situation, share about the benefits and considerations of the self-direction model, and for those interested, help to identify the personalized next step for you to navigate your journey.

Ready to get started? Visit and start your journey today! Take the interactive quiz to learn about the self-direction process in your state. Or submit a question for follow-up from the concierge team. Let’s do this – together!

How we are supported

Guidance and direction by those, and for those, who live a self-directed lifestyle.

At PPL we support and build the network for individuals who can benefit from self-direction, whether it's for a family member, a loved one or themselves - we work tirelessly to support those in need.

PPL is proud to sponsor the "PPL Advisory Committee" to bring real experiences and knowledge into the fold for the improvement of our program service offerings, but also stay in touch with the participants who self-direct and their caregivers, allowing for quick action and faster adaptations to our products.

 Learn about PPL's Advisory Committee