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Hear from more real users of Self-Direction and learn how it works!

Check out the video section below for walk throughs about the role and responsibilities of Participants and Care Workers within self-direction.

See new stories from The McMahons, Jeff Corsi, and Anita Parris all who are living their best life through self-direction.

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Self-Directed Home Care

Care/Support Workers

Self-Directed Home Care for Care/Support Workers


Are you looking to get paid to take care of a loved one? Are you a care/support worker looking to break free from the restrictions of a home care staffing agency?  We can help.

Public Partnerships | PPL supports Medicaid eligible individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses and aging adults, to remain in their homes and communities while “self” directing their own long-term home care.

Self-Directed Home Care is an alternative to admittance into restrictive long-term institutional care or using home-care staffing agencies that offer individuals little to no choice and control over their services and choice of providers like you.

Tanya Teglo's Self-Directed Home Care Journey

Did you know?

Public Partnerships / PPL is NOT an employer of care/support workers.

What we do

As Medicaid laws in most states can prohibit direct cash payments to individuals, Public Partnerships is appointed as a Financial Management Services (FMS) provider company to assist self-directing program participants.

Our role is to assist program participants prepare to be and perform the role of your employer.  We help them check your background, hire and pay you for your support.  We also assist them with paying for services such as daily transportation and home modifications, all within their state or managed care organization approved budgets.

Once you accept a job that meets your goals and schedule, we provide easy-to-use online tools that make it simple to submit your time sheets and get paid by the individual you work for. We also make sure that your taxes are withheld.  So, keep up the important work you do, and we’ll be working behind the scenes to make sure you get paid accurately and on time.

Are you looking to get more information about being paid to take care of a loved one? Find out more.


The McMahons Self-Directed Home Care Journey
Jeff Corsi's Self-Directed Home Care Journey
Anita Parris' Self-Directed Home Care Journey
The Greens' Self-Directed Home Care Journey
Miss Peggy And Ginger's - Self-Directed Home Care Journey
Osmel And Sergio's Self-Directed Home Care Journey
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Participant Roles & Responsibilities within Self-Directed Home Care
Care/Support Worker Roles & Responsibilities within Self-Directed Home Care

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