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Self-Directed Home Care

Your Managed Care members

Self-Directed Home Care for Your Managed Care Organization's Members


You’re dedicated to helping your members live better lives. But home care agencies and day programs don’t give those with disabilities, the aging or chronically ill members choice and control over their long-term services and supports. Agencies and day programs may not have the capacity to meet member demand. And that can leave your members feeling frustrated.

Public Partnerships| PPL works with your Medicaid members who want to self-direct their services and supports while remaining in their homes. As Medicaid laws in most states can prohibit direct cash payments to individual self-directing program participants or their representatives, states or Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) like yours, appoint a Financial Management Services (FMS) provider company to assist individuals and their families.

Did you know?

Working with Public Partnerships gives you the insight you want and the cost and quality benefits you need to make self-direction successful—for your company and for your members.  We are the only Financial Management Services (FMS) provider with a proven track record of successfully serving large-scale programs and managing complex transitions of programs from other vendors.

What we do

When your case managers and members agree on self-direction, we provide financial services and tools that help members manage their Medicaid budget and pay their workers.

Our services cover the self-direction journey—from pre-enrollment through ongoing compliance—and we provide responsive customer service every step of the way. We also provide data analysis and reporting capabilities, so that you can track and measure the success of your participant-led programs.

All to ensure that we represent the best of you.


Self-Directed Home Care Expert Jonathan Vanbeber – State Client
Self-Directed Home Care Expert Erika Colon – Care Coordinator
Self-Directed Home Care Expert Erika Colon – Care Coordinator (Spanish)

Learn if there is an existing self-directed home care program in your state.


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